Case it hasn’t, the short answer is that the brain is not designed to work with Cat tattoo Purride LGBT shirt processing and chemistry levels beyond what it currently does naturally. He can effectively reconcile perceived data with memory at superhuman speeds, allowing for fast analysis, completion of thought-processes, and re storage. data, so all he has ever perceived is now accessible, regardless of the strength or detail of the memory as it was originally stored. This seems ridiculous, obviously, but lets assume it is true The brain stores a lot of what it perceives passively, without us even realising. Data we weren’t aware was stored pops up in dreams, triggers dejavu,and contributes to future understanding and cognition in subtle neuronic ways. all the time, to access and process all that data, plus new data, we would need an immense amount of energy: more than our body is designed to cope with.

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The level of activity required in the brain Cat tattoo Purride LGBT shirt could simply not afford to reach those levels, let alone sustain it. We already burn a significant amount of calories from using our brains on a daily basis, so it is not doable metabolically. The brain is a greedy organ.The brain damage would occur on a material level not that dis-analogously from a computer burning out its core from excess power input, except ours happens in the form of hormonal levels rising to scale with brain-processing increase. If you doubt it, just look at our brain on speed: This Is Your Brain on Speed. Note the metabolic changes and chemical damage.

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