In situations needing simple reaction, because Feeling idgaf-ish today shirt a great many reactions are never processed by higher-order systems. Some reflexes are mediated by the spinal cord and never get relayed to the brain until after motion has already been initiated.Beyond that, even threat detection is a kind of intelligence. I think you’re using a very broad word ntelligence to single out a very small subset of thinking namely, abstract grey matter analysis.If the question is about the source of abstract thought, the value is fairly clear to me. Abstract thinking allows you to learn from experiences you don’t actually have.

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Before initiating it, Feeling idgaf-ish today shirt and thus make several important observations about what might happen. I can also make plans in the abstract so that when an unexpected event arises, I have a plan ready made. What’s interesting is that while we like to think of the value of language in terms of our use of it to dominate our surroundings, the bulk of all communication is generally focused on simple gossip. But in one perspective, that gossip is simply the means by which we establish self-serving strategies on cooperation and competition by knowing who works with us and who against us.

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