Changing the past we create difference in our present but by changing the I’m MR Technical and you’re not shirt present we can make a difference in our future. So don’t delve on your past and don’t even waste your time in thinking that what if I had because time stops for none and past can never be redone. presidents simply didn’t travel all that much, because of the time and trouble involved. When they did travel, it was by car convoys, rail, and sometimes the Presidential yacht. Teddy Roosevelt was the first sitting president to travel outside the country, visiting the Panama Canal construction zone inTeddy president to fly in an airplane, though he didn’t do so until out of office. For quite a while air travel was considered too risky for a sitting president.

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The press articles about Roosevelt’s flight referred to the ex-president “defying death.” I’m MR Technical and you’re not shirt was the first President Let us understand the changing context of business environment in Century. Context is not the same what was few decades back! Most fortune 50companies have made a fortune returns to its investors just because they were operating predominately in sellers market dump whatever product you can make to buyers, only few players and large population to serve, customers have no choice

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