You don’t like that is all.The next day, have a normal day, and enjoy and , Baby Yoda one for me shirt make jokes, have fun while doing what you are normally doing. Write in the evening again, you thoughts and experience in your diary.Than another day, decide you are going to make a list who you are and how you want to be. Just right on one paper you are. I am so old, work here, like this, don’t like that, love this, hate that, can’t talk, can’t express myself etc.And on another paper how you to be. can’t do, don’t have, are not, from the other list and change them into the opposite positive thoughts pure positive list that you want to become and be. Just imagine yourself to be this positive and can talk easy and can express your thoughts easy,This positive list repeat it over and over and over and over again. Until you know it by heart. Focus on what you have, what you are, what you can, what you desire and keep doing this.

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Than you create only positive thoughts, which will create positive Baby Yoda one for me shirt emotions and feel good and great. on positivity, your synapses in your brain, will connect these statements with your believe system. It will become you. You will become this way. Just by learning it. Literally you are simply programming your subconscious to be positive, instead of negative.Only if you really try it, you will succeed. Yes, it is path to walk and not a button to push.After using this information, you will understand that it works and how it works. After this you can express your feelings much better. And even you can understand why you are upset, because you have formulated negative thoughts. Ask yourself

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