Intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage individual customers Post Malone I Hope That You Get Better Now Shirt in a way that creates a ‘memorable event’. An experience is not an amorphous construct; it is as real an offering as any service, good, or commodity. In today’s service economy, many companies simply wrap experiences around their traditional offerings to sell them better. To realize the full benefit of staging experiences, however, businesses must deliberately design “engaging experiences” that command a fee. Joseph Pine James.Gilmore Source: Joseph Pine James Gilmore, xperience conomy, Harvard Business , Boston, Massachusetts We live in a world where all consumers expect more empowerment  anytime anywhere access, better control, better options and above all

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Personalized experiences Post Malone I Hope That You Get Better Now Shirt across multiple channels available today. management today is to move customers up the value curve  from ‘satisfied to loyal’, and then from ‘loyal to advocate’. Although the philosophy sounds crisp easy, the execution has become a lot more complex thanks to the technological innovations around us. While traditional CRM largely focus on the ‘inside out’ view of a customer, the modern day Customer Management is all about the ‘outside in’ approach, with a feedback mechanism across attended/unattended channels that customers interact with

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